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Terrington Data Management has introduced a data-capture technology that is enhancing the asset management of thousands of valves.

Severn Unival, a control-valve aftermarket service specialist, is using the Transform PC-based data-capture software to upgrade management of all its UK valves and platforms.

Severn Unival makes a range of valves and provides a specialist asset management service for those made by other manufacturers.

Valves are monitored, tested and repaired through its workshops in Huddersfield, Aberdeen, Grangemouth, Gloucester and Widnes as part of platform healthcare contracts to improve performance and safety.

Severn uses Transform to record details of all valves, whether it has manufactured them or not.

It creates a database of details including the owner, history, status, performance, specification, application and destination of every valve leaving its workshops.

Transform has allowed Severn Unival to operate its Performance+ trouble-shooting service by identifying patterns in valve failure that can be used to offer a pro-active solution.

Tony Brooke, technical services and products general manager at Severn Unival, said: ‘The system also prompts us that certain valves are due for attention.

‘For example, safety relief valves used on offshore oil rigs must be re-calibrated in certain timescales.

‘Transform allows us to easily identify these and plan coordinated campaigns of action with far greater efficiency.’ In a major advancement, Transform’s web access is enabling the company to give customers their own web platform so they can view photographs of their valves and access up-to-the-minute reports after surveys to allow them to accurately plan shutdowns, repairs and maintenance.

Transform is compatible with many handheld terminals and operating platforms.

Any paper-based form can be replicated electronically, usually for industrial inspection applications.

Asset management information, such as equipment installation date, manufacturer and serial number, can be built into the system and inspection forms added underneath to automatically update existing information.

Severn Unival

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