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Teridian Semiconductor has approved Datatronic Distribution’s model PT79281 V.22bis modem transformer for use with its reference designs that include a range of Teridian IC models.

These models include the 73M1903, 73M1903C, 73M2901CE and 73M2901CL.

Teridian now includes the Datatronic model PT9281 modem transformer on its model 73M2901CE EVM Demo Board.

The PT79281 is a drop-in device developed to support Teridian IC reference designs that typically include voice applications as well as high-speed data modems, satellite set-top boxes, point-of-sale terminals, MFP and FAX terminals and IP phones.

The Datatronic PT79281 modem transformer is described as a reliable V.22bis modem transformer for use with Teridian IC circuit designs.

It provides space-efficient isolation between sensitive electronics and voice or data lines.

Featuring a high dielectric strength tested to 3750Vrms, it helps safeguard equipment users and their data by protecting them from electrical shock.

The Datatronic PT79281 modem transformer’s advanced design and construction are said to offer good performance.

Key specifications include: a primary impedance of 600ohms, turns ratio of 1:1 +/-2 per cent, 4.6H shunt inductance and 3.7mH leakage inductance.

The PT79281 V.22bis modem transformer comes in a 16.6mm (0.649in) square package with a 10.5mm (0.417in) seated height above the circuit board.

Lead terminal finish is RoHS compliant, and solder meets J-STD-020D.

Its high performance in a relatively small package is said to make it ideal for high-density circuit designs.

The Datatronic PT79281 transformer withstands high-temperature soldering and operating temperature environments from – 40C to +105C; storage temperature range is -40C to +125C.

The PT79281 comes in tape-and-reel packaging for auto insertion equipment.

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