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Transmagic, a developer of 3D design data repair and conversion software, has released the Transmagic R8 service pack 5 (sp5).

Transmagic grants clients access to the latest technology and product enhancements for seamless 3D data exchange.

The software provides a universal 3D interoperability platform to preserve design data accuracy and reusability for years into the future, according to the company.

The new release includes many enhancements designed to empower users of 3D data to get the most from any 3D design file.

The enhanced Assembly Browser in Transmagic now offers access to more metadata and information than ever before.

These new features are optimised to help professionals quickly find and use the data they need.

In addition to processing huge files, Transmagic R8 sp5 turns multi-gigabyte assemblies into a virtual design database, allowing parts and subassemblies to be exported and reused, on demand, for any purpose.

‘By eliminating the barriers to access and reuse of your engineering data, Transmagic offers improved design efficiency throughout the product manufacturing cycle,’ said Todd Reade, chief executive officer of Transmagic.

New features and enhancements in R8 sp5 include the updated Assembly Browser for added functionality and performance; greater access to engineering data and product manufacturing information (PMI); and enhanced PMI support for Catia V5 and Parasolid.

Transmagic offers regular product updates so customers can stay current with all major CAD programs for maximum interoperability.

New file version support includes Solidworks 2011, Siemens UG/NX 7.5, Siemens JT 9.4 and Parasolid v23.0.

The features listed above are available in specific configurations of Transmagic; localised or embedded versions may not include all features.

Transmagic develops efficient and easy-to-use 3D data exchange software to seamlessly convert, translate, repair and view native 3D models in multi-CAD environments.

Transmagic offers scalable solutions ranging from desktop applications to enterprise systems with PLM integration.

The software supports all major CAD systems and is compatible with most CAD/CAM/CAE applications for analysis, manufacturing, simulation and visualisation.

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