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Schubert has developed a high-tech transport device for boosting the efficiency of its automated packaging machines.

The Transmodule, which replaces its previous vacuum conveyor scheme, is designed to use less power as it moves cartons between a line’s packing operations.

It operates on a rail system that links each processing station of a Schubert packaging line, which typically comprises five sub-machines handling the carton erecting, filling and closing processes.

The Transmodule consists of vacuum suction cups for holding the erected boxes in place, a drive motor and control electronics.

It only requires power when accelerating from a standstill to its travel speed of up to 5m/s.

When the Transmodule decelerates to position itself for the robotic packing process, the drive motor switches over to generator mode, thereby supplying electricity stored in capacitors, which is used when starting up again.

At the end of the operation, the device returns to its starting position along the rail system.

The Transmodule offers wireless data and power transfer and is linked to the machine’s software control system.

Schubert plans to extend the use of the device for its new automatic tool change facility set to be launched next year.

The Transmodule system can be seen for the first time in the UK on Schubert’s confectionery packing demonstration line on stand 5719 at the Total Packaging and Processing Show in May.

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