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Proseal has launched a tray sealer that is designed for use in meat and fresh-fruit production lines.

Incorporating a variety of features designed to maximise throughput and minimise downtime, including a 3D tray positioning system, the new Proseal GT3 offers a top speed in excess of 180 trays per minute.

The GT3’s three-axis servo-drive tray transfer system helps to maximise tray throughput by automatically adjusting for different tray heights.

This eliminates the need for tray-height-specific change parts and means that all height settings can be programmed through the touch screen.

Speeds are further increased for the GT3 Twin with a twin-lane feed control, which enables products to be fed independently down each lane.

Another standard feature is Proseal’s new internet-based secure gateway connection system, which is able to provide real-time data and error condition support.

The system enables Proseal engineers to remotely access the programmable logic controller (PLC) and the human-machine interface (HMI) of each customer’s machine from anywhere in the world in order to provide diagnostic support and to implement software modifications.

As well as providing remote diagnostics and remedial action, the system can also compile machine condition running data such as packs per minute, temperature settings, seal time and air pressure, all of which can be exported directly into customers’ production monitoring screens.

A further advantage is that software updates can be performed with no action required by the customer.

The GT3 incorporates a rugged construction manufactured to food-industry-approved hygiene standards with full washdown protection.

Tool handling has been made simple, safe and fast with the Free-Lift tool loading system that rapidly transfers pre-heated tool sets to Proseal’s Auto Tool Connection.

This enables tool changes to be carried out in around three minutes.

Downtime is also minimised by the use of quick-change conveyor belts and an auto-lock film reel holder.

The machine’s electrical controls are situated above the sealing area, which provides safe access for cleaning.

Other features designed to help maintain consistent operation include a fibre-optic-based pot-crush prevention system, automatic film snap and film end detection.

For meat applications, the GT3 is available with high-speed gas flushing.

The machine can also be specified with high oxygen gas flushing for red meat.

Another key feature of the GT3 is its full-line integration capability.

In particular, the machine incorporates an Auto-Restart function that activates following any downstream equipment errors, helping to keep line stoppages to a minimum.

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