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Trend has introduced the Fibre Identifier, an installation and maintenance tool.

It is used to identify power and traffic direction in jacketed or bare fibre without service interruption.

The clamp design allows the tester to detect light in the fibre without damage or disconnection and with low bending loss.

The Fibre Identifier weighs a mere 235g, and will save time and resolve errors for optical technicians.

It has a rugged design with a set of adaptors for 0.25mm bare fibre, 0.9mm, 2mm and 3mm for jacketed fibre as standard.

By inserting the fibre into the adaptor head and closing the jaws of the identifier around the fibre, the optical power inside the fibre can be detected.

When used in conjunction with a laser source capable of modulating the light at a selection of frequencies, errors of fibre identification can be eliminated.

Key features include: efficient identification of power without damage to the fibres; displays the core power in the fibres; low bending loss and highly efficient output; detects traffic direction and modulation frequency; easy-to-replace adaptors to match various optical cables; mechanical clamp design of adaptor heads to ensure close fit to the fibre without leakage loss; one-button operation – closing the clamp switches the tester on and the measurements are automatically displayed.

Applications are: telecom optical installations; CATV optical installations; optical test laboratories; fibre optics installation and maintenance; SDH, Sonet, Gigabit Ethernet, PON/ FTTx, Opt LAN CWDM/DWDM and out-of-band testing; optical network commissioning; quality assurance and acceptance testing.

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