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Trend Communications has introduced the Optical Multimeter, which combines the functions of a laser source and a power meter into a single instrument for testing fibre optic cables and equipment.

The built-in laser source transmits light at a known power level at one end of a fibre; the built-in power meter measures power at the other end, giving attenuation (loss).

The power meter can also be used to measure the output power from optical equipment.

The power meter is calibrated at many wavelengths to enable power measurements to be made on a range of single mode and multimode fibre optic cable systems.

The light output from the source can be modulated and the modulation frequency can be detected by the meter, enabling errors of fibre identification to be eliminated.

Output power quoted is typical and depends on the arrangement of the connectors and patch cords used.

For accurate loss measurement, the instrument can be used in relative mode, eliminating errors caused by the output power uncertainty and the patch cords.

Settings are made using simple menus with navigation push buttons on the front panel of the tester.

The Optical Multimeter is a tester capable of characterising the loss of optical fibre links and rings.

The outstanding features of this tool include a large memory to store results and external PC software for results analysis.

The standard connector of the source is suitable for use with FC-terminated cables, or for standard 2.5mm ferrules such as those used on ST connectors.

Optional adaptors are available for other connector types.

The tester is supplied as standard with a two-set of adaptors, enabling it to be connected directly to FC, SC or ST terminated cables.

An optional adaptor for LC cables is available.

Power is supplied from internally rechargeable batteries or from the mains.

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