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Trend has unveiled optical light sources, transmitters that can be used in conjunction with other types of test equipment, such as power meters and fibre identifiers, to test fibre optic cables.

There are three types in the range, to cater for up to four wavelengths, on single-mode and multi-mode fibre.

By transmitting light at a known power level at one end of a fibre with an optical light source, and measuring the power at the other end with a power meter, the attenuation (loss) of the cable can be calculated.

When used in conjunction with a compatible fibre identifier capable of detecting the modulation frequency of the transmitted light, errors of fibre identification can be eliminated.

Output power quoted is typical, and depends on the arrangement of the connectors and patch cords used.

For accurate loss measurement, the output power of the light source should be calibrated before use in the intended cable configuration using a power meter.

The wavelength and the modulation are simply selected by dedicated push buttons on the front panel of the tester.

A set of adaptors for SC/ST and FC cables is supplied as standard, and an optional adaptor for LC connectors is available.

Features include: choice of three different wavelength combinations; suitable for single-mode and multi-mode cables; selectable light modulation for reliable fibre identification; high- stability output power and wavelength; clear LCD display with backlight; robust design for field use.

Applications are: telecom and CATV optical installations; optical test laboratories; fibre optics installation and maintenance; SDH; Sonet; Gigabit Ethernet; PON/FTTx; Opt LAN CWDM/ DWDM and out-of-band testing; optical network commissioning; quality assurance and acceptance testing.

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