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Trend Control Systems holds energy management seminars to show participants how to better manage the energy consumed within a building using reduction and monitoring techniques.

By applying this know-how in an organisation, it is possible to reduce energy waste and, if applicable, minimise the potentially sizeable financial burden associated with the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), according to the company.

There are variables that affect the energy usage of a building, many of which are fixed, with little or no scope for energy savings.

However, the effective control of building services, such as heating, air conditioning, hot water and lighting, provides opportunities for energy reductions and cost savings.

In the majority of buildings, the management of these energy-consuming services is controlled by a building energy-management system (BEMS).

For a building to operate efficiently, the BEMS must provide these services reliably.

Trend claims that the reality, however, is often very different.

During a building’s lifecycle, many things change that can have a serious effect on energy consumption.

The deterioration can happen rapidly, often within just a few weeks of a building being occupied.

By optimising a BEMS – getting it to perform consistently with the way a building is used – significant energy savings can be achieved quickly.

These savings can be measured, monitored, sustained and applied within the CRC scheme.

The company’s ‘Conformance to Performance’ events help attendees learn about the energy management of their buildings, the CRC and how Trend can help.

Participants will also hear for themselves about the energy savings others have achieved using a BEMS.

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