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Trenz Electronic is supplying Eddy v2.1 embedded device server modules by Systembase.

They are small Linux-ready, 32-bit ARM9-based modules supporting high-speed RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial interfaces at up to 921.6 kbytes/s, an extended temperature range (from -40 to +85C), and are equipped with an Ethernet and Wireless interface.

The Eddy v2.1 series features: 32-bit ARM9 core processor at 210 MHz with MMU (memory management unit); WLAN and Bluetooth plug-on modules; four analogue-to-digital converters; 8-Mbyte SPI NOR Flash memory; 19-bit wide address bus; 16-bit wide data bus; 56 GPIOs; Power over Ethernet capability; multimedia card interface.

Developers can set up their designs on the Eddy-DK v2.1 hardware development kit on the software development environment LemonIDE for Lemonix.

Lemonix is an embedded real-time operating system built on Linux kernel 2.6.x.

Standard Linux kernel 2.6.x has been revised to support real-time capabilities while retaining the stable traits and merits of Linux kernel 2.6.x.

The Eddy utilities simplify and accelerate the development and verification process.

Eddy modules and corresponding evaluation kits are available in multiple configurations for various requirements, with all necessary software.

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