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TrigasFI has announced the launch of the robot welder tip-cooling system, which is particularly suited to the automobile industry.

Robot welder tips, frequently used in the auto industry, are subjected to high temperatures and require cooling to ensure weld integrity and consistency.

Variable area (VA) flowmeters have been used in the past for this application with limited success due to accuracy shortcomings and because the visual output of the VA meters does not lend itself to easy integration into today’s automated processes.

TrigasFI combined Grundfos Vortex flowmeters with a custom-designed digital display/alarm unit to develop a replacement for the cumbersome visual indication of VA meters.

Continuous monitoring of the flow of cooling water to the welder tips and instantaneous alarm if an out-of-spec condition occurs has resulted in a reduction of downtime and scrap from faulty welds.

The robot welder tip-cooling flow-monitoring system is well-suited for automated applications.

Automobile manufacturers are using the system to continuously monitor the welding process, improving yields and minimising downtimes.

TrigasFI said the robot welder tip-cooling system offers several advantages, including: supply and return flow rate indication; alarms for out-of-spec conditions; no moving parts; integrated temperature sensor; 5V DC power supply; and 0.5-3.5V DC analogue output signal.

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