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Phoenix Contact has introduced the three-phase Quint Power SFB 24V/40A uninterruptible power supplies.

Using the SFB technology with 200A for 12ms (selective fuse breaking technology), standard miniature circuit breakers with B characteristics reliably trip up to 25A.

Faulted circuits are selectively shut down, the fault is localised, and important system components remain operational.

The preventive function-monitoring system reports critical operating states before faults actually occur.

The Trio Power UPS 24V/5A uninterruptible power supply offers a function package that has been specifically designed to supply industrial PCs: when the AC line-supply fails, the IPC continues to operate without interruption for up to three hours.

For longer interruptions, the PC mode ensures that a control automatically restarts when the power-supply voltage returns.

This saves time when compared with a manual restart.

The power supply and the electronic switchover unit are housed in the same enclosure in a space-saving design.

Buffer times can be individually configured by combining the unit with four rechargeable battery modules.

The Mini Power UPS uninterruptible power supply with 4A/12V DC for input voltages from 85 to 264V AC or 100 to 350V DC opens up new application areas.

When the AC input voltage fails, the UPS switches over from the power supply to the external rechargeable battery module without any interruption, and all the connected loads are supplied with 12V DC.

Battery modules of either 1.6 or 2.6Ah, which permits buffer times of up to 30 minutes, can be connected.

The comprehensive signalling functionality ensures fast and simple diagnostics.

Step power supplies achieve a high level of energy efficiency within their class.

With the 5V/6.5A, 15V/4A and 48V/2A modules, this advantage now also applies for new applications in the area of building automation.

These devices can be snapped onto mounting rails or screwed to flat surfaces and offer a wide temperature range extending from -25C to +70C.

Established for more than 25 years in the UK, Phoenix Contact Ltd is your partner in electrical connection technology, PCB connection, surge protection, field cabling, wireless networks and industrial automation. Its position as the global market leader in connection, signal conversion and interface, surge protection and industrial automation technology, is achieved by providing 'Inspiring Innovations'.

Our principal product ranges include:

  • Printed circuit board connectors
  • Modular terminal blocks
  • Fieldbus components
  • Surge voltage protection systems
  • Industrial plug and socket connectors
  • Interface units

In all of these areas, Phoenix Contact can offer technical expertise and cost-effective solutions.

We provide support from eight experts, available in the field, and product specialists. We would also be happy to visit you with our products and tailor a presentation to meet your technology requirements.

Phoenix Contact operates an accredited quality systems BS EN 9000, which encourages continual service and process improvements resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our distributor network consists of local outlets of major distributor groups and independent companies to provide the best possible local support with a specialisation in the extensive range of our products.

Support and availability is also provided by a dedicated network of national catalogues companies offering some of our specific product ranges and services.

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