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Tristar has supplied its Tristeel PE lined metal backed bearing system to suppress wear on a train that experiences severe side and vibratory loads.

A manufacturer of railway servicing equipment has developed a new rail train that picks up and delivers continuous 1/4-mile long seamless track to rail construction sites.

This train consists of a series of flat cars, each with towers supporting 50 independent conveyors.

The rail rollers on the conveyors see extremely high loads as the train goes through curves and rambles down the track.

The application also encounters severe side and vibratory loads on the conveyor pivot points.

Tristar’s recommendation to solve this problem was the Tristeel PE lined metal backed bearing system.

These Peek lined bearings are able to withstand PVs up to 100,000 without lubrication and even higher with lubrication.

Friction coefficients of 0.8-1.2 without lubrication allow the user to operate without stick slip at very high loads and speeds.

The bearings are capable of taking extensive side loads and will operate without maintenance in very hostile environments.

Another important part of the roller application was self-lubrication, since the use of grease in these locations would lead to rapid wear from the lapping action of dirt and track ballast being absorbed into the grease.

Tristeel bearings are also available with Acetal liners as well as enhanced wear versions of each of the liner configurations.

They are currently available in metric and inch, sleeve, flange and thrust sizes and custom sizes are available with reasonable turnarounds.

Liner materials can also be applied to both the ID and OD of the bearings for rod and piston designs.

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