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Tristar Plastics has been working alongside a government contractor to improve the wear life of components used on specialised, custom-built military transportation systems.

The company’s engineering team has been specifically involved in the material specification and the bearing component geometry for trailer systems used to move large cargos, including Atlas rocket bodies, Navy Seal SOC boats, aircraft fuselage components and large fabricated oil field tanks.

Tristar recommended its Ultracomp UC200 material for use throughout the suspension system and in the linkage components for hold downs and fixturing.

Ultracomp was provided because of the tremendous loads that will be experienced.

The material has a compressive strength of 54,000psi and its self-lubricating qualities allow for grease-free service and excellent wear life, according to Tristar.

Since UC200 absorbs little to no moisture and is UV resistant, it is also suitable for the outdoor environment that the trailers will operate in.

Ultracomp is self-lubricating, easy to machine, has resistance to vibration and impact, as well as an ultimate compressive strength of up to 54,000psi.

UC200 bearing grade polyester/graphite composite is designed for high load, high impact, slow speed and vibratory applications.

UC200 has abrasion resistance, does not require lubrication and has extremely low moisture absorption.

It runs best on shafts with RC30 or higher.

The UC300 bearing grade polyester/PTFE composite is similar in construction to UC200, PTFE lubricant added to resin matrix for rotary or linear applications to reduce its coefficient of friction.

It runs well against stainless and aluminum.

The UC400 bearing grade polyester/MOS2 composite is similar in construction to UC200 with moly lubricant for slow rotary, salt water and dry oscillatory applications.

The UC500 bearing grade blended fibre/graphite composite is an interwoven laminate using PTFE, polyester fibres and graphite lubricant.

It is a suitable material for full rotary applications where self-lubricated low friction and long wear is required.

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