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A new system from Tritech is designed to enable the real-time integrity monitoring of mooring lines, umbilicals and risers on floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units.

The Real-Time Anchor and Riser Monitoring System (RAMS) is a 360° riser and anchor chain monitoring system for FPSO vessels that is deployed beneath the vessel to monitor the presence, integrity and position of mooring lines and risers from a single sonar head.

According to the company, the technology has already been tested and the accuracy of the system has been shown to be effective in its current deployment on Teekay’s Petrojarl Foinaven FPSO unit, which is operating on a BP deepwater oilfield off the west coast of Scotland.

Key benefits

  • Built on the proprietary multi-beam sonar technology developed by SRD, the RAMS technology can provide simultaneous real-time updates on the status of all lines, with continuous recording and data export.
  • The technology includes the option to provide the end user with an alarm-based system designed to notify the operator of any out-of-specification movement without delay, in addition to trend data that enables accurate material fatigue analysis.
  • RAMS immediately notifies the operator of any movement that is out of specification and records all the data for export, which allows long-term trend data to be studied.

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