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Tritex NDT’s ultrasonic thickness gauges use multiple echo ultrasonics to check corrosion levels and metal thickness from one side of the material being tested.

This method allows the user to save on preparation time, since coatings do not need to be removed as the gauge ignores them, only providing true and accurate measurement of the material thickness.

The gauges are claimed to feature intelligent probe recognition, enabling different ranges of probes to be changed for different measurement thicknesses.

The gauges work on all metals, glass and some ceramics.

The range features underwater gauges that are used to monitor the corrosion of metal materials under water.

The company offers models that are pressure tested to 4,000m for use on remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The range includes surface gauges for handheld and hands-free operation, thus covering the whole spectrum of ultrasonic thickness measurement, according to Tritex NDT.

With more and more standards being applied, the need to accurately inspect and maintain all types of structures is becoming more and more important; therefore, the advancement of ultrasonic measurement methods enables accurate results to be achieved in a range of environments.

Tritex NDT

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