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Triton Technology will present the latest enhancements to its Identipol QA unit at PDM 2010 in Telford on 18-20 May 2010.

Incorporating the latest version of its software, the Identipol QA, which is used by recyclers, extruders and moulders for the quality assurance testing of thermoplastics, can now be used to check the identity of unknown polymers.

According to the company, which will be found on Stand J16 in Hall 2, the Identipol QA’s user interface has also been improved.

The ability of the latest version of the Identipol QA software to identify polymers is based on the enhanced methodology integrated within it, according to John Duncan, managing director at Triton Technology.

He said: ‘It is now possible for the system to assist in the identification of unknown polymers, which it does based upon their thermo-mechanical properties, for example melting point, as measured by the instrument.

‘We will continue to develop and improve the identification algorithms used by the Identipol to further extend the number of materials that can be reliably identified,’ added Duncan.

Beyond its use for material identification purposes, the Identipol QA provides users with fast, interpretable information on the quality and expected performance of incoming raw material.

The presentation of this information has been further improved following the revision of the user interface.

Duncan continued: ‘Ultimately, we want to help moulders reduce the risk of incorrect or poor material being used in their machinery or the substandard performance of the final product.

‘By using an Identipol system, moulders can expect to see reductions in wastage as well as improvements in cost effectiveness and efficiency,’ he added.

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