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Trolex, a manufacturer of sensors and systems, has launched an online micro-site for its multi-purpose Sensorstation, Sentro 8.

Sentro 8, the result of a two-year development, can monitor all types of environmental conditions, such as temperature, vibration, pressure and flow, as well as gases such as methane, oxygen and carbon monoxide, all in one integrated package.

Sentro 8 is ready to be configured to meet gas-detection and condition-monitoring requirements without the need for complex investment in system design or the need for specialist back-up.

First trialled in the tunnelling industry, Sentro 8 has a number of features, including intelligent pre-calibrated sensing modules and integrated audible and visual alarm technology.

The new website informs customers across all industries of the considerable benefits of the system, such as reduced cabling, installation and commissioning costs, reduced maintenance costs and downtime, and easy and fast calibration without the need to power down.

At the heart of the Sentro 8 are the interchangeable modules – eModules for monitoring environmental gas concentrations and rModules for use with remote sensing devices.

The website explains how each of the modules operates, as well as providing system examples using a selection of sensors from the Trolex range.

The case-study archive demonstrates how the Sentro 8 is being used in different applications by listing projects that have been installed and have benefited from the Sensorstation.

The website also includes a news page to keep customers up to date with all the latest news on the product, such as the recent Mining Magazine Awards in which the Sentro 8 Sensorstation won the category of ‘Underground mining – ancillary and analysis’ for innovation and positive technological contribution to the mining industry.

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