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Briggs Equipment, the UK’s Cat Lift Truck distributor, has launched a four- to 5.5-tonne lift truck that provides a more stable and less distracting work environment for forklift users.

According to Ken Stoll, EandHS advisor at Briggs Equipment, the new DP/GP 40-55 truck allows the operator to devote all of his or her attention to safe manoeuvring and load handling.

The new truck incorporates a fully floating powertrain that creates less vibration and a quieter transmission, increasing operator comfort while also protecting the truck from undue wear and tear.

A low-level air intake and a system that routes the exhaust out through a counterbalance also reduce the perceived noise levels.

The DP/GP 40-55 includes an electronic pushbutton parking brake and a reversing handle horn positioned so the operator can hold his or her rear-viewing position more easily.

‘When a warning needs to be given while reversing, it would be foolish to ask the operator to look forwards for the horn, so a button has been added to a grab handle,’ said Stoll.

The company has also eliminated tripping hazards in the cab by removing obstacles in the footwell area, making it easier for operators to climb in and out.

The new trucks have covers that open wide with removable panels that also help to speed up daily maintenance checks and routine maintenance.

According to Stoll, companies and their operators will see benefits in terms of increased productivity and reduced accidents.

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Formerly Finning Materials Handling, Briggs Equipment UK became part of Sammons Enterprises in September 2006. Sammons Enterprises is a diversified holding company with interests in industrial equipment as well as insurance and hospitality. With assets approaching $50 billion, Sammons Enterprise is a diversified conglomerate, ranking among the largest privately owned companies in the world. The core of the company reflects proven operational expertise surrounded by a superior foundations of ethics and values.

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