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The Truestudio development environment from Swedish embedded-systems specialist Atollic is now available for Toshiba’s range of ARM926EJ-S and ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.

Two versions of the environment can be supplied: Atollic Truestudio Lite, which, while completely free-of-charge, delivers high levels of functionality; and the low-cost Atollic Truestudio Professional, which provides further development capabilities.

Both can be downloaded from Atollic’s website.

Truestudio is based on the commonly used Eclipse IDE framework and is intended for embedded systems developers using the C/C++ and assembler languages.

It also introduces UML for graphical modelling.

A C/C++ editor plus advanced assembler and makefile editors all offer colour-coded syntax and other features such as expand/collapse of code blocks to speed application development.

In addition, a GNU C/C++ compiler and debugger allow engineers to start developing their software on a PC platform in advance of target availability.

Through Truestudio it is possible to build embedded systems based on Toshiba’s ARM9 products, such as the TMPA910CRBXBG, TMPA911CRXBG, TMPA912CMXBG, TMPA913CHXBG and TMPA900CRXBG – which offer varying levels of HMI-related functionality – and the new Toshiba Cortex M3 family members.

Using the tools, developers can manage a large number of key development tasks including compiling and assembling source code and linking object files and runtime libraries.

Truestudio features an easy-to-use project wizard feature and an intuitive project explorer that can manage the project and all its properties.

The wizard gathers target-specific information such as which EVB-board or Toshiba microcontroller derivative to use and other basic settings.

The development environment also contains a powerful debugger.

It can debug software running on a target system using JTAG dongles or in a CPU simulator on the engineer’s PC.

The debugger contains standard execution-control features including ‘run’, ‘run-to-cursor’, ‘single-step’, ‘step-in’ and ‘step-out’.

Developers choosing the Atollic development tools also have access to functions designed to facilitate better team cooperation, work structure and development methodologies.

A version-control facility keeps track of each user’s source code, ensuring that previous versions of all files can be recreated later on, and changes can be traced.

It keeps a record of what changes have been made, when these occurred, who made them and for what reason.

It allows developers to check-in and check-out files, branch/merge them, browse the server repository and view file histories.

Truestudio also offers a context-aware task-management system that keeps track of bugs, to-do items and other issues.

If work on a task is paused until some other time – which may be weeks later – Truestudio automatically reloads the task context (for example open files and their cursor positions) that was active the last time.

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