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Transmode has introduced a range of pre-configured TS-Series solutions that let enterprise customers cheaply boost fibre capacity via the simplest possible solution.

Enterprise, campus and private optical-networks all share the same challenges when it comes to the efficient transport of the growing amounts of bandwidth.

Point-to-point connections between campus sites or between different enterprise hubs need to be cheap, easy to use and boost the existing fibre capacity.

The TS-Series is suited to enterprises and network operators that require simple and cost-efficient additional capacity over fibre infrastructure.

Transmode’s Intelligent WDM (iWDMTM) with automatic bit-rate and protocol detection gives customers a plug-and-forget solution.

The new pre-configured solutions in the TS-Series provide solutions that are even simpler and quicker to take from order to service.

The pre-configured solutions allow simplified point-to-point networks for Ethernet transport, with options for either 4 x GbE multiplexed over a single wavelength or an expandable option containing a four-wavelength optical mux/demux supporting up to 16GbE services over a single fibre-pair.

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