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TSM Control Systems has developed a plant-wide materials management and monitoring system.

The system also provides alarm monitoring, recipe control and the overall plant visibility of all TSM blenders within a customer’s plant, whether it is by building, department, extrusion line or moulding machine.

Each blender can be monitored and/or controlled from one central location, including current and historical production data and recipes.

It allows an organisation to measure and monitor the consumption of materials and to monitor the total cost of materials used in the plant through a flexible reporting engine, which allows a plant supervisor to get exactly the information he or she wants from the system in a format that can be opened in any spreadsheet application or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Plant-wide alarm and reporting is a standard feature of the TSM system, ensuring that production issues occurring at any time of day or night are available for later analysis.

A full materials management system allows a supervisor to define materials, including costs per unit, codes and descriptions.

Recipes can then be built using the materials database.

For extra clarity and to avoid information overload, materials and recipes can be grouped on screen.

Multi-threaded data logging from all machines to an SQL database and a fully customisable reporting engine ensure that users can get the information they require from the system, while password-protected security levels ensure that only relevant members of an organisation have access to the information they need to see, according to TSM.

Utilising an industry-standard SQL database for all information ensures that the data is readily accessible for other systems such as ERP or any other third-party systems.

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