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Process viscometers such as the Brookfield TT-100, which is available from Fullbrook Systems, can be used by field engineers at well fracturing sites to verify that the rheology of the fluid being used in the fracturing process meets established specifications.

In most drilling operations, the field engineers at the well site use a bench-top lab viscometer with coaxial cylinder geometry to test grab samples of the fracturing fluid. This may fail to detect variations in viscosity real time as the fluid is blended and pumped into the well.

Process viscometers such as the Brookfield TT-100 provide the information required at the well site to verify that the rheology of the fracturing fluid meets established specifications. These instruments obtain real-time, in-line measurements for gels moving in pressurised lines from blenders before being pumped down hole. They also provide accurate in-line viscosity measurement of fracturing fluid under defined shear conditions, specifically the 511 sec-1 standard defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Brookfield also provides a HTHP bench-top rheometer for duplicating down-hole performance of fracturing fluids.

If laboratory viscometers are currently used in the field, the Brookfield TT-100 can be used to obtain the same results real-time in a flowing stream.

The live measurement of blended fluid assures that properly blended fluid has been pumped down hole at all times during the job, and allows immediate correction of errors; helps assure increased yield from oil and gas wells; better characterises the fluid rheology and improves the fracturing job, correlates to standard measurements; and assures that fluid is viscous enough to suspend sand to ‘prop’ fractures open.

The cost for a single fracturing job can approach $500,000 (£307,821) so use of a process viscometer such as the Brookfield TT-100 in-line process viscometer, ensures the proper rheology of the fracturing fluid introduced down the hole. This maximises the penetration of proppant into the cracks and fissures of the well which in turn minimises the risk against losing the fracturing investment.

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Key product features

  • The TT-100, a flow through instrument, allows mounting in a remote location
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate in the field
  • Provides a real-time record of fracturing fluid as it is pumped down-hole

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