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TTE Systems has expanded its range of TTER32 high-reliability processors and microcontrollers aimed at sectors such as medical, industrial, automotive and aerospace.

The company said that TTER32 processors and microcontrollers offer a combination of high performance and predictable behaviour to help simplify design, test and certification activities.

TTER32 processor cores are based on a 32-bit design with 32 registers and a five-stage pipeline.

The cores are compatible with the MIPSR-1 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).

TTER32 processor cores have a Harvard architecture and offer support for precise exceptions.

As they have been designed to support systems with a time-triggered architecture, the core supports one active interrupt; it ensures constant interrupt overhead (even for multi-cycle operations) and guarantees memory latency and instruction execution times.

The devices are fully compatible with RapidiTTYT tools and are available with both development and production licences.

TTE offers licences for both small product runs and large-scale production.

TTE Systems

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