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TTE Systems has launched a range of SafeTTYT Wrappers to maximise the reliability of embedded systems based on COTS processors and stand-alone operating systems such as Linux.

When creating embedded systems used in safety-related or safety-critical systems, some form of protection mechanism is usually required to handle situations in which the main processor or operating system fails to operate as expected.

Such failures can arise due to software errors (in code or in the operating system), the impact of electromagnetic interference or ‘single-event upsets’, or from various forms of hardware damage.

If intending to use an off-the-shelf processor running Linux or another standard OS in the embedded system, it can be challenging to ensure that the system will operate safely at all times.

In these circumstances, a SafeTTYT Wrapper from TTE Systems can help to guarantee that the system operates as required and can also simplify the certification process.

A SafeTTYT Wrapper helps to ensure that the system will continue to operate safely no matter what happens to target processors and associated OS.

This means that even systems based on a standard OS can be used in medical devices and similar high-reliability systems.

TTE Systems offers licences for SafeTTYT Wrapper technology and can provide full design support for customers adopting the technology.

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