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Four ruggedised connectors from TE Connectivity designed for military, aerospace and space applications, are now available. TE’s Mezalok, MULTIGIG RT 2-R, CeeLok FAS-T and Fortis Zd series high performance interconnects provide high-speed, reliable and lightweight, robust solutions in harsh environments.  

TE’s Mezalok surface-mount connectors are designed for stacking or mezzanine applications and ensure high-speed 5GHz data rates in the most adverse environmental conditions, while TE’s MULTIGIG RT 2-R is a ruggedised, lightweight high speed board-to-board modular interconnect system.

CeeLok FAS-T is one of the smallest, most rugged 10GB Ethernet, field-terminable I/O connector available for the aerospace, defence and marine market, saving both space and weight due to its size 8 shell. TE’s Fortis Zd is a modular backplane connector system which combines a high-performance mil/aero specification with commercial technologies in a user-configurable platform.

Key product features and specifications


  • Available with 60 or 114 contact positions
  • Four-point Mini-Box contact system based on the VITA 61 standard for ultra-reliability
  • Designed to support VITA 61 XMC architecture as a rugged alternative to VITA 42 XMC
  • 60 position model is specifically designed for custom architecture stacking applications
  • Physical characteristics include LCP plastic housing for superior thermal stability and low-outgassing.
  • Mezalok connectors can withstand 500 mating cycles and operate in temperatures from -65C° to 125C°.


  • VITA 46 compliant for Open VPX applications.
  • Supports Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand, plus PCIe and Serial Rapid I/O high-speed protocols for differential, single-ended and power signals.
  • Designed for embedded computing applications in ground defence, missile defence, electronic systems/C41SR, space, military and commercial aerospace systems.
  • Resistant to high levels of shock and vibration due to their quad-redundant contact system and robust pinless interface. 

CeeLok FAS-T

  • Crimp snap, 39029-style contacts for easy termination and field repairability.
  • Scoop-proof design and a robust coupling ring mechanism.
  • Backshells are integrated into the plug body for low profile, low cost and low weight strain relief and EMI protection.
  • Electroless nickel and black zinc nickel plating options support soldier systems, in-flight entertainment, avionics and communications systems applications.

Fortis Zd 

  • Offers the increased electrical performance and extreme mechanical robustness for 10GB data rate applications.
  • Physical characteristics include an M55302 Mini-Box separable interface that provides four points of contact on all sides of the pin and a staggered daughtercard pin field on the backplane for ESD protection, assuring reliability and durability. 
  • Versatile with standard, shielded and rugged machined metal shell types available, and three-pair and two-pair versions that accommodate multiple slot pitches. 
  • Applications include fighter jets and other severe mechanical environment applications such as space vehicles.

About TTI, Inc.

TTI’s philosophy is “Lead by Design”, and the company differentiates itself by focusing on people, parts and process. TTI, Inc. is a specialty distributor of passive, interconnect, relay & switch and discrete components. The company has developed a policy in Europe of being the distributor of choice for customers and suppliers alike by introducing new product technologies from key supply partners to its customers – and by stocking broad and deep across its franchise base.  TTI also operates sophisticated inventory management processes which ensure that it has the ability to service changes in component demand due to fluctuating markets and supply chains.

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