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The Molex Perfect Fit range — now available from TTI — comprises three series of robust, reliable power interconnects: Mega-Fit, Mini-Fit Jr and Micro-Fit. The connectors are suitable for applications across a range of markets, from defence to consumer.

Molex Mini-Fit Jr wire to board
Molex Mini-Fit Jr wire to board

Mega-Fit series interconnects offer up to 23.0A current-carrying capability. This power-dense design with high-current terminals, tight pitch and row spacing provides more power per linear and square millimetre than most mid-range power products.

Molex Mini-Fit Jr connectors are optimised for high-current, high-density applications requiring design flexibility. Suitable for power applications up to 9.0A per circuit, they are available in single- or dual-row two- to 24-circuit options.

Micro-Fit 3.0 low- to mid-range power distribution connectors are claimed to feature very high current power distribution capability. Electrical specification is up to 5.0A per circuit, and the series is rated at 600VAC.

Key features and benefits


  • Featuring a patented split-box terminal design, the Mega-Fit has six independent points of contact to provide long-term reliability through secondary current path redundancy.
  • These sacrificial contacts allow the system to be ‘hot plugged’ at 48V/23.0A up to 30 cycles.
  • Fully isolated header pins and receptacle terminals protect the device from damage during handling and mating.
  • Housings are polarised and feature positive locking for secure retention, while an audible click confirms proper mating.
  • Molex Mega-Fit connectors are suitable for commercial vehicle power converters and unsealed electronic control modules, consumer/home appliances such as washing machines, dryers, heaters and air-conditioning units.
  • The connectors are also suitable for industrial applications including lighting, automation, machinery and heavy equipment.
  • In telecommunications and networking products, Mega-Fit interconnects suit hubs, servers, power supplies and distribution applications.

Mini-Fit Jr

  • The Mini-fit Jr series features polarised mating geometry and positive locking housings with a thumb latch to ensure correct mating and to prevent accidental unmating.
  • Scoop-proof housings protect terminals and header pins in the event the connector is mated at a severe angle.
  • Mini-Fit Jr interconnects are cost-effective from a purchase and inventory standpoint, as receptacles and plugs accept standard Mini-Fit and Mini-Fit Plus crimp terminals.
  • Available in UL94V-0, V-2, 265°C reflow, Glow-Wire and Low-Halogen compliant materials, Mini-Fit interconnects meet global material requirements.
  • Suitable applications include office data and communications equipment and networking devices such as rack-mounted servers and router/switches. 

Micro-Fit 3.0

  • Based on a 3.0mm centreline, Micro-Fit 3.0 is available in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board options for SMT and through-hole processing.
  • Versions include two to 24 circuits and both single- and dual-row configurations.
  • Micro-Fit connectors feature contacts that are fully isolated each side of the interface and have four points of contact for redundancy.
  • Housings feature full polarisation and positive locking to ensure secure mating.
  • Micro-Fit 3.0 interconnects are available in pure tin or two thicknesses of select gold.
  • UL recognised, CSA approved and TUV licensed, all components in the series are lead free, RoHS compliant, halogen free and glow-wire compatible.
  • They are suitable for aerospace and defence commercial off-the-shelf applications as well as alternative energy, data/communications, medical, telecommunications and consumer devices.

About TTI, Inc.

TTI’s philosophy is “Lead by Design”, and the company differentiates itself by focusing on people, parts and process. TTI, Inc. is a specialty distributor of passive, interconnect, relay & switch and discrete components. The company has developed a policy in Europe of being the distributor of choice for customers and suppliers alike by introducing new product technologies from key supply partners to its customers – and by stocking broad and deep across its franchise base.  TTI also operates sophisticated inventory management processes which ensure that it has the ability to service changes in component demand due to fluctuating markets and supply chains.

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