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MXP120 data sheet - .PDF file.

A 1.2mm in-line connector system from Molex is now available in Europe from TTI. The MXP120 sealed connector system, designed for automotive and commercial vehicles, is designed to replace more usual 1.5mm terminals in in-line harness applications, saving space and providing high performance within harsh automotive environments.

It has been designed using the worldwide AK cavity definition and is compatible with AK and USCAR interfaces

The MXP120 is a 4mm-pitch system claimed to meet medium-power application requirements up to 13A. It is suitable for most sealed harnessing applications. 

The system is available in yellow housings validated to meet T3-V2-S2 performance standards for in-vehicle safety system applications, including supplemental inflatable restraints, safety restraint systems, seat-belt pretentioners and airbags.

Black housings with standard USCAR polarisation options will be available in due course and are currently being validated to meet T4-V4-S3 (per GMW3191) specifications for high performance (temperatures up to 155ºC/vibration up to 300m/sec²) for space-constrained powertrain applications (fuel injections systems, emission controls, ignition coil) and body electronics connections in wet areas (exterior lighting, indicators, door locking mechanisms).

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Key features and specifications

  • The single wire seal (SWS) connection system has robust perimeter seals to withstand high-pressure spray environments.
  • The smaller package size of the MXP120 offers space savings compared with existing 1.5mm connection systems and  greater current-carrying capacity than 0.64mm terminal systems.
  • Consisting of single-row receptacles and single-row blade connectors, physical design features include independent secondary locking (ISL) on female receptacles and primary lock reinforcement (PLR) on the male blade connectors to ensure correct terminal positioning, while an audible click confirms secure mating.
  • All circuit sizes and keying options are scoop proof, thanks to shrouds on the female receptacles.
  • Female receptacles also feature an integral locking latch with bridge protection to protect them from damage during packaging and storage and prolong service life.

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