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TTI is launching Harwin’s range of surface-mount wire management EZ-Cable Clips as part of a promotion covering the EZ Boardware range of surface-mount products.

The EZ Boardware range is designed to improve manufacturing flexibility, reduce manufacturing costs and improve in-field maintenance.

EZ-Cable Clips have been specifically designed to be automatically placed and soldered directly to the PCB.

They replace plastic devices that require installation by hand.

Harwin’s metal clips are physically much smaller than equivalent plastic wire management clips.

They are placed directly onto solder pads, thus negating the need to drill retaining holes in the PCB.

These clips are ultra-low profile and, unlike the old, bulky plastic clips, they do no protrude through the PCB.

TTI’s promotion also covers other EZ Boardware products including: EZ-Shield Clips, which can be surface mounted, allowing an RFI shield to be pushed into place during final assembly; EZ-RFI Fingers that facilitate electrical contact between PCB and metal cases; EZ-Jumper Links that enable designers to eliminate through-hole vias and multi-layer construction; and EZ-Test Points that provide technicians with easy-to-see test points to minimise the risk of PCB damage by incorrect test methods.

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