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TTI is now offering Vishay’s vPolyTan series of surface-mount polymer tantalum moulded chip capacitors in five compact case sizes in Europe. Optimised for computer, telecom and industrial applications, the Polytech T55 series devices feature ultra-low ESR down to 30mΩ at 25°C and 100kHz.

Polytech T55 series

The low ESR of the capacitors is a result of their polymer cathodes, which offer enhanced performance over manganese dioxide devices. In addition, the T55 series offers a ripple current rating up to 1.78A IRMS and provides low equivalent series resistance (ESR) for enhanced charge and discharge characteristics. The capacitors are claimed to be ideal for use for power management, battery decoupling and energy storage in computers, tablets, smartphones and wireless cards.

Offered in the J, P, A, B and T (low-profile B−1.2mm maximum) case sizes, T55 series devices feature a wide capacitance range from 3.3µF to 330µF over voltage ratings from 2.5V to 10V and a capacitance tolerance of ±20 per cent. The devices operate over a temperature range of -55°C up to +105°C with voltage de-rating above 85°C.

Featuring lead-free terminations, T55 series capacitors are RoHS compliant, halogen free and Vishay GREEN. The devices are compatible with high-volume automatic pick-and-place equipment and offer a Moisture Sensitivity Level of 3.

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