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Radiall TestPro cable assemblies are now available from TTI. The robust, durable and corrosion-resistant cable assemblies are designed for test and measurement applications.

Designed specifically for testing and measurement in the DC–40GHz frequency range, depending on connector and cable selected, TestPro cables offer excellent electrical performance and a long service life.

High-precision multi-layer braiding and wrapping makes the TestPro range remain stable and flexible over thousands of bending cycles. TestPro cable assemblies for test applications feature ruggedised high-grade stainless steel connectors attached using a proprietary method for high electrical stability and long product life — the assemblies are guaranteed for 5,000 mating cycles.

Two product categories are available in the Radiall TestPro range.

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Key product features

Phase Stable TestPro cable

  • Features exceptional stability and long life
  • Designed for daily use on laboratory test benches or in production floor testing in applications such as component and assembly shops and automatic test equipment
  • TestPro 4.2 is a high-frequency microwave cable that has low loss and is triple shielded
  • It has a frequency range of DC–20GHz and delivers what is claimed to be the best combination of low attenuation and VSWR/loss/phase stability compared with similar size flexible cables currently available
  • Armour is available as an option
  • TestPro 3/TestPro 3 Low Profile operate over DC–26.5GHz and DC–40GHz respectively and have integrated armour
  • Phase Stable TestPro cables are crush, torque and tensile resistant, easy to configure to DUT and have long calibration intervals
  • Available in standard assembly lengths of 24in, 36in and 72in, with custom cable lengths available on short lead times

Ultra-Low-Loss TestPro cable

  • Designed for applications where loss is an issue
  • Allow the use of long-length cables with remote test stations, thermal vacuum chambers, anechoic chambers, near-field scanners and are also suitable for high-power applications
  • TestPro 5 and TestPro 8 offer ultra-low loss, high phase stability over a temperature range between -55°C to 125°C and very precise phase matching
  • They are reinforced and exhibit excellent crush resistance
  • They are terminated with ruggedised TestPro connectors that have a unique centre contact captivation system and attachment method
  • These TestPro assemblies are said to be exceptionally reliable over multiple matings
  • Available in a standard assembly length of 39in; custom lengths are available on short lead times

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