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Sensor Connection has developed a compact Radiator Core and Tube Surface Thermocouple for use in R and D testing of heat exchangers, automotive and industrial radiators, and HVAC compressors.

It can also be used in other surface-temperature test applications requiring a small sensor footprint.

This fast-response, Type J thermocouple has an operating temperature range of -50 to 350F (-45 to 175C) and an accuracy reading of +/-0.4 per cent.

The miniature copper sensing pad of the Radiator Core and Tube Surface Thermocouple measures 0.08 x 0.09in with a thickness of 0.03in and can be attached to almost any surface using an application-appropriate commercial bonding adhesive.

No fasteners are required.

A solid-core 30 AWG Teflon-insulated signal wire is supplied in lengths from 5 to 100ft.

Temperature-measurement applications include: liquid-cooled radiator assemblies such as tubes, tanks and fins; heat-exchanger elements; HVAC compressors and condensers; semiconductor components; and solar.

Made in the US, the Radiator Core and Tube Surface Thermocouple delivers high performance, reliability and consistency in extreme operating conditions.

It is suitable for research and development, test labs, manufacturing engineering and production environments.

Units can be customised for OEM applications.

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