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Tuffa UK has constructed a 70,000-litre dual-compartment fuel tank for delivery to a large logistics company in north-east England.

This bespoke specification includes three fuel management systems and two walk-in points with roller shutter doors for the dispensing of DERV and gas oil from one unit.

This space-saving design is said to be cost effective and convenient for the customer.

Other tanks supplied to this company include a 1,200SB heating oil tank complete with fire protection, a 10,000SB complete with a suction port for connecting to existing dispensing equipment, a 4,000SB heating oil tank complete with a stand for gravity feed purposes, a towable site bowser, a 2,200SB heating oil tank, a 1,000SB waste oil tank and a 24,000SB complete with two suction ports to connect to dispensing pumps with built-in fuel management.

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