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Tuffa UK’s tanks feature 10bar heavy-duty hydraulic hose and swaged end fittings, which are designed to eliminate hose leakages.

According to the company, the most important aspect when designing its tanks was spill prevention.

On the larger fuel stations, Tuffa uses stainless-steel convoluted flexible hose, which is leak resistant and 100 per cent pressure tested as standard.

The company does not utilise cheaper hose and fittings such as jubilee clips and compressed brass rings, as leaks are said to be far too common.

Overfill prevention was another priority when designing the tanks; all tanks are factory fitted with a three-point prevention system, such as an overfill prevention valve, a high-level alarm and a bund alarm.

When designing its tanks, Tuffa created a fill-point arrangement where no tanker driver has to climb ladders or use additional equipment.

Other tanks on the market have drip trays in the event of a leakage, but these are said to be unreliable and a pose a pollution risk as, when removing the tray, excess fluid can be spilt.

The company designed the base of its fill-point cabinet to contain fluid in the event of a leakage but with a safe removable operation so that no fluid is spilt or wasted on removal.

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