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Tundra Semiconductor has announced the interoperability of Tundra’s Tsi578 Serial RapidIO switch with RMI’s high-performance multi-core, multi-threaded XLS processor.

By using the Serial RapidIO Development Platform (SRDP), which includes the Tsi578 RapidIO switch, with RMI’s XLS processor evaluation platform, Tundra and RMI have completed testing for interoperability between their two products.

The testing validates that the Tsi578, with multi-cast capability, and RMI’s multi-core and multi-threaded XLS processor are interoperable and can be deployed as a turnkey solution in wireless infrastructure applications such as WiMax, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and LTE.

Tundra’s portfolio of RapidIO switches addresses designers’ requirements for low interconnect processing overhead, power consumption and latency, as well as facilitating high-signal-integrity board-layout requirements.

Tundra’s RapidIO switches offer features including: field-proven port flexibility supporting mixed port widths at up to 10Gbps data speeds, hardware multi-cast, supervised traffic flow for increased performance and fabric management, and enhanced Serdes.

Tundra’s Tsi578 achieved the RapidIO Interoperability Lab’s device interoperability level (DIL) certification in 2007.

The XLS processor family utilises up to four MIPS64 – cores with up to 16 fine-grain hardware threads and operates at up to 1.3GHz.

The XLS processor family includes an autonomous security acceleration engine, which allows the processor to perform application processes while simultaneously encrypting/decrypting data that the application needs.

This results in ultra-efficient processor utilisation.

I/O on selected XLS processors includes multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, XAUI ports, and a native Serial RapidIO interface configurable in both x1 and x4 mode.

The XLS processor family accelerates packet-oriented applications essential for security appliances, wireless access points and switches, ATCA and AMC service cards, secured wire-line routers and switches, telecom media gateways, radio controllers and network signalling products.

These vertical segments demand more processor performance and features with each generation of product, but the system power remains fixed.

The XLS processor family advances end-product evolution by providing the performance and features required, while remaining within a low power envelope.

Tundra Semiconductor

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