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Turbex will be exhibiting its aqueous cleaning equipment to solve industrial washing and degreasing problems at Surface World 2009.

The company will be launching the Finnsonic Versa ultrasonic cleaning machine, which has its rectangular process tanks swivelled through 90deg, meaning it occupies less space on the factory floor.

The low-cost, modular, expandable machine can have any number of tanks in several sizes.

Each tank is operated from a panel linked to a central PLC system, which provides ease of use and also allows retrofitting of handling automation, available for 10kg or 20kg basket weights.

Manual handling by pneumatic assist lift is available for baskets weighing up to 30kg.

Versa is suitable for the precision cleaning of, for example, watch parts, lead frames and X-ray tubes.

Typical cleaning processes include ultrasonic or immersed jet cleaning, single or multiple water rinsing and hot air drying.

Particle filtration as well as oil separation and water treatment can be included, according to customer requirements.

Turbex will also feature phosphating at the show.

The ability to prepare parts for painting by introducing a non-hazardous phosphate additive to aqueous cleaning processes is a major advantage over solvent cleaning, according to Turbex.

The phosphate coat provides a better key for wet paint or electrostatic powder coating.

Furthermore, the protective phosphate layer means that it is no longer necessary to paint components straight away, as is normally the case after degreasing with chlorinated solvents.

A number of aqueous cleaning systems with phosphating capability have been installed recently by Turbex and staff will be on hand to expand on the benefits.

Other machines featured at the show will be representative of the wide range of aqueous cleaning equipment offered by Turbex.

Another recent introduction is the Finnsonic Crystal CRX, which has a modular build that allows users to order systems that exactly suit their needs for the same price as a standard system.

Designed into the line is the ability to add tanks and retrofit additional features.

No reprogramming is necessary, as any extension to a system can be accommodated within the existing PLC (programmable logic controller).

Modifications may therefore be completed inexpensively.

Latest equipment offered by Turbex also includes the AS-150, which can accept a load of 800kg and will take components measuring 900mm high by 1.4m across the diagonal or diameter.

The machine is suitable for degreasing and cleaning large components in repair and maintenance shops serving transport depots, rail yards and marine workshops.

The single-stage, spray-wash machine is also suitable for inter-process cleaning in production environments, such as batch degreasing of machined components and preparing fabrications for welding.

An optional lance with its own multi-impeller pump delivering 10 bar can be connected directly to the 900-litre tank, allowing the operator to spray wash obstinate areas of soil before or after the automatic process.

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