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Innovative Tooling Solutions (ITS) has invested in a Doosan Puma 480L turning centre supplied by Mills CNC.

The machine, installed at the company’s Glenrothes facility in March 2009, is being used to manufacture high-performance tools used predominantly in the oil and gas, power generation, aerospace and automotive sectors.

The 480L machine was selected by ITS for a number of reasons, including: price, performance (high accuracy and process reliability), and the back-up and support provided by Mills.

Ian McArthur, operations manager at ITS, said: ‘We needed a multi-tasking and flexible turning centre that could be relied upon to machine complex jobs (often in one set-up) accurately and to a high surface finish.’
The 480L is a high-performance turning centre with 21in chuck and 165.5mm bar diameter capacity.

Equipped with a high-torque 45kW, 1500 rev/min spindle for heavy-duty machining operations and high stock removal, the 480L also provides manufacturers with rapid positioning capability and fast bidirectional turret indexing (10-position tool changer with 0.25 second indexing time).

The 480L is being used by ITS to machine, from bar and forgings, high-precision tool parts made from case-hardened, high-tensile strength steels (in other words, EN 19T).

The innovation of ITS’s tooling solutions is evidenced by the company’s Controlled Boring Systems (CBS).

ITS’s CBS are unlike conventional boring tools where cutters are used to machine a desired diameter.

Instead, through the use of a sophisticated internal mechanism, actuated by the CNC control of a machine tool (predominantly horizontal boring machines), the ITS boring system features a main body that attaches to, and is rotated by, the machine tool’s milling sleeve.

The internal mechanism moves back and forth within the main body, actuated by the linear movement of the machine-tool boring spindle.

The linear movement is translated 90deg, via the actuator shaft, resulting in radial movement of the cutters.

The precise control of the radial movement of the cutters makes it possible to cope with multiple diameter changes evident in many complex parts, as well as being able to machine to high accuracy complicated geometries and features, including: tapers, threads, radii, and chamfers.

The tools can be used for forward, back and intermittent boring and for roughing, semi-finishing and precision finishing.

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