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Hardinge Machine Tools has launched a 42mm-capacity, super-precision turning centre that achieves high-accuracy (nano) production for the medical, aerospace and defence industries and more.

The T-42 turning centre will be launched at IMTS in Chicago and is able to achieve roundness values of 0.25 microns while maintaining overall accuracies within three microns.

The T-42 will be pre-configured for customer requirements to create a dedicated high-precision turning platform able to produce demanding, multi-featured components.

The machine’s modular construction means it can be supplied as a two-axis version with tailstock up to a multi-axis variant with C- and Y-axis and up to 16 live tool turret positions, sub-spindle and automatic offload.

Each version is controlled by Fanuc 31i.

Critical in achieving the level of accuracy within three microns, 0.25 micron in roundness, axis repeatability of 0.76 micron and surface finish within 0.15 micro metres is the strategically rubbed, 45-deg true slant cast iron base.

This is purpose-designed to maintain a precision machining cycle and its reinforcement with Hardinge’s Harcrete polymer composite enhances its vibration-damping ability and higher surface finish capability.

Mounted on the bed is Hardinge’s specialist BMT-45 turret top plate, which carries the 16-station, all-driven bi-directional turret.

The machine has the added versatility of half-indexing positions that capitalise on a range of Hardinge-developed toolholders, which can double the fixed and driven tool carrying count to 32.

In addition, while standard rotary tool speeds are 8,000rev/min from a 3.7kW motor delivering 33Nm of torque via a belt drive to accommodate ultra-small tools and the use of CBN or diamond cutters, ratio upgrades can increase rotational speeds to 16,000rev/min.

Turret index time (clamp to clamp) is within 1sec, and 80 bar high-pressure through-coolant supply is available.

The Hardinge BMT-45 toolholding system has a run-out within three micron.

Hardinge said an advantage is its development of an independent Y-axis with some 84mm of travel and providing ultra-fine adjustment.

This enables pinpoint tool alignment and machining consistency with lower offset error when compared with a conventional machine’s ‘wedge’ design.

The inclusion of the Hardinge collet-ready spindle technology optimises the relative positioning of the cutting tool close to the spindle bearings.

Both main and sub-spindles have the benefit of fast acceleration and deceleration through wraparound high-voltage motors with both having identical 11kW, 101Nm of torque delivering 6,000rev/min with 150mm chuck or 42mm bar capacity.

A bespoke sub-spindle component retrieval system is able to remove the most delicate high-precision component without scratching or marking.

The part gripper has special nylon inserts that can be machined for ‘soft’ removal and placement on the part conveyor integrated into the machine.

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