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TUV Product Service is launching a product-testing remote-monitoring service.

The service will allow TUV customers to reduce costs traditionally associated with testing, such as environmental and EMC, and increase time to market for new products.

The system uses a high-definition camera that can be controlled via the desktop to zoom in and out and direct it to any points of interest within the test facility.

They can also access test statistics in real time to monitor the product’s test performance, as if they were at TUV’s premises.

Quake Global, a manufacturer of satellite communicators, has worked with TUV Product Service in a pilot to test the service.

One benefit is that if any problems do arise during the test, the customer does not have to travel to the TUV facility to rectify them.

Instead, they can log on to the remote-monitoring service and speak directly with the TUV engineer running the test.

They can then adjust the test level and re-start activity.

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