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Audio Precision, the recognised standard in audio test and measurement, has introduced the APx515, a two-channel audio analyser optimised for production testing applications.

The device, priced from USD6,200 (GBP4,210), has a typical THD+N of -106dB, 24-bit FFTs and 192k digital input/output (I/O).

With respect to the other instruments in the APx Series, the APx515 sits just below the APx525, whose lower THD+N and chip-level connectivity options make it more appropriate for research and development.

With the High Speed Test option, the APx515 can make all the key audio measurements in less than three seconds.

In standalone mode, test sequences are created by selecting from a list of common audio measurements and saving a single project file.

On an automated line, a master application can control the APx515 directly using the .Net API or the APx Labview driver.

In either mode, the operator can control the APx with a keyboard, footswitch or barcode scanner or the system can be totally automated.

Rich graphical reports can be generated from Microsoft Word templates; alternatively, data can exported to CSV or injected into a database.

All APx audio analysers use the same software, making tests and results easier to share between vendors and research-and-development and production facilities anywhere in the world.

For example, a test engineer using an APx525 can create a production test sequence and email it to a contract manufacturer whose APx515 will run the project natively.

Performing quality assurance on the production line, the APx515 operator can save a recording of the actual output of a device under test and email it (along with the 515’s settings) in a single project back to engineering for further analysis.

Every APx515 sold comes with a three-year warranty and includes an ISO17025-accredited calibration.

With 14 models across four families, Audio Precision offers analysers to serve every aspect of the pro and consumer audio device industry, from demanding engineers relying on the 2700 Series, the APx585 and the APx525 for interface design, to the ATS-2 and the ATS-1 for service and quality assurance technicians and now, with the APx515, fast, reliable and cost-effective production line testing.

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