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Tyco Electronics has launched the Motorman hybrid connector, which simplifies the connection of power and signal of locally controlled motors.

It integrates communication, signal and power transmission within a compact single connector and therefore requires only one cable for connection.

The Motorman hybrid connector features two fast Ethernet interfaces, providing the full benefits of real-time automation control while reducing cabling complexity.

The device also offers space for five power sockets, five signal sockets and one protection earth contact.

The latest MCON 2.8 and 1.2mm contact system from Tyco Electronics is utilised for the contacts.

The rectangular Motorman connector measures 41.5 x 22.3mm.

The housing was developed completely from scratch and is available in a metal or a plastic version.

The metal housing is suitable for tough industrial environments, whereas the plastic housing is said to be cost-effective for less demanding environments.

The cable does not enter at a right angle but at 100deg, which ensures a good match of cable-bending radius and housing geometry.

A guided lever locks the Motorman connector housing onto the motor PCB.

The lever is easily opened from the side of the assembly, while it takes a screwdriver to unlock it from the other side – to prevent unintended operation.

As the contact insert can be rotated by 180deg, the cable can exit in two directions.

The spacious side access enables the device to be very easily assembled.

It also makes it much easier to locate faults, as every contact can be easily checked.

The pin housing, designed for mounting on the servo motor PCB, has been extensively optimised.

First, the low-height solder pins have very little mass and are tailored for automated reflow soldering at 270C.

Second, the signal and power pins are placed and grouped on either side of an integrated barrier.

Therefore signal and power paths do not cross, which means that the PCB needs fewer layers.

The cable jacket seal (offering level IP 69K protection) generates two ring-shaped lines of compression around the hybrid cable jacket.

Cables of between 13 and 17mm diameter can be assembled with one size of seal and without any torque-controlled tool.

A metal clamp serves as strain relief, ensuring a high cable-to-plug tensile strength of more than 150N.

At the same time, the clamp band provides a 360deg umbrella cable shield contact.

The Motorman connector has been designed for a DC voltage level ranging from 24 to 600V DC and up to 20A current at temperatures of up to 80C.

However, an AC supply with up to 480V AC is also possible by using three to four power contacts.

All applicable European standards and UL/CSA guidelines for clearance and creepage distances are met.

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