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Tyco Electronics is offering a next-generation LCD coaxial embedded display interface (LCEDI) range of connectors.

The connectors are designed to provide exceptional electrical performance in both low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS) and embedded Displayport (eDP) applications.

The range of connectors is licensed by I-Pex and is fully compatible and intermateable with the I-Pex Cabline-VS connector series, recently selected by the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) as the global standards connector for the light-emitting-diode (LED) backlight wide (16×9) panel interface.

Its ultra-low-profile mating configuration (measuring 1.1mm in height) makes it suitable for the slim LED backlight LCD panel of advanced notebook personal computers.

Kent Kasuya, global product manager, said: ‘In today’s world, PCs require high-performance interconnects with sufficient throughput in order to drive the latest display technology, such as DVD/Blu-ray players, and render massive 3D imaging, real-time video or internet MPEG files.

‘Notebook and netbook PCs use similar technology, but their display panels are slimmer thanks to the innovative power-saving LED backlight flat-panel-display technology and our LCEDI family of interconnects,’ added Kasuya.

The VESA recently specified that next-generation digital video interface eDP, in conjunction with standard Displayport V1.1a specification, will support the PC market and offer a cost-effective substitute to current LVDS transmission technology.

According to Tyco, eDP architecture drives 2.7Gbps per lane with a bandwidth of 10.8Gbps over four differential lanes.

Each data lane embeds a clock signal for signal integrity, producing much lower electromagnetic interference at a higher-speed data transmission.

Tyco’s LCEDI connector range accommodates consistent digital data transmission through one, two or four Displayport standard lanes at a reduced bit rate of 1.62Gbps or a high bit rate of 2.7Gbps through each lane and even faster data rates over different wiring schemes.

The product range offers high density for notebook PC applications, minimising space and accommodating future pin-out for LED backlight technology.

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