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Precision Motion Cofil has introduced a pneumatic oscillating swivel device that is designed to replace aging rotary actuators in a diverse range of machine building and parts handling applications.

Italian manufacturer Gimatic’s RT Series units include a patented single piston and pin-made pinion actuator, making the device compact, robust and powerful.

The unit also has a mid-position stopper option.

According to the company, RT’s main advantages over conventional rack-and-pinion devices are better shock resistance when decelerating large loads.

The unit is built with a minimum of moving parts for improved reliability, longer service life, compactness for installation in small spaces, and lower manufacturing and final product costs.

It has a hard, anodised, black aluminium body with distinctive red end plates that houses a single pneumatic piston, including a rack, to rotate the table via its pinned shaft.

It is fitted with dowel pins rather than a typical geared pinion.

The round ‘teeth’ match the pins’ diameter precisely and provide a smooth translation of energy from linear to rotary motion.

A robust, well-guided rack moves along the opposite direction and its stroke is freely adjustable from both end caps to obtain any angle of rotation within the maximum of 190.

Settings are made with either optional rubber capped screws for ‘soft’ stopping or with hydraulic shock absorbers to achieve a repeatability of +/-0.02.

There is also an optional intermediate stopping unit (RTD).

This consists of a single acting cylinder, with a bore larger than the chosen swivel unit.

Operated by a separate solenoid valve, it can be actuated when the table is required to rotate to the mid position at 90.

Two large ball bearings on the drive shaft provide high load capacity on the rugged table, which itself features threaded mounting holes and precision locations for custom tooling.

The hollow rotary shaft enables air pipes and sensor leads to be routed internally to the table top.

The top and bottom flat body with threaded and through holes provides the machine designer with a number of installation possibilities.

Optional flush-fitting end of stroke sensors can also be fixed into the grooves on one side of the body to provide cycle signals to a PLC.

The devices come in six sizes, with bores from 10mm up to 63mm, giving torques at 6 bar of 28Ncm up to 3,926Ncm.

The units come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10-million-cycles lubrication and maintenance-free operation.

They form part of the range of Gimatic automation components distributed in the UK by Precision Motion.

Precision Motion Cofil

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