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Tristar Plastics and a major entertainment company have designed Ultracomp UC200 bearings for an underwater application.

Several venues, including hotels, commercial developments and amusement parks now use the ‘dancing waters’ event where high-pressure nozzles shoot water hundreds of feet in the air to an illuminated musical routine.

The nozzles that generate this are built on spiral tracks to give a 360deg directional potential.

Tristar designed Ultracomp UC200 rollers to support the nozzle as it rotates in the spiral track.

Since UC200 does not absorb moisture, it is very well lubricated by the water itself.

Chlorine and ozone added to the water for clarity do not affect the UC200 and it is said to have excellent wear properties at the speeds and hydraulic forces generated by the nozzle.

Ultracomp is self-lubricating, easy to machine, has high resistance to vibration and impact, and an ultimate compressive strength of up to 54,000psi.

Ultracomp is produced using synthetic resins and reinforcing fibres with a series of internal lubricants.

Therefore, it is suited for wet or dry, dirty or clean applications, and where loads exceed all other non-metallic bearing materials.

Ultracomp is suited for linear, oscillating and rotary applications that require high load and low speed.

It is available in tube and sheet stock, or can be fabricated into custom bearings to customer specifications.

UC200 is a bearing-grade polyester/graphite composite designed for high-load, high-impact, slow-speed and vibratory applications.

It is said to have excellent abrasion resistance and extremely low moisture absorption, does not require lubrication and runs best on shafts with RC30 or higher.

The UC300 bearing-grade polyester/PTFE composite is similar in construction to UC200; PTFE lubricant added to resin matrix for rotary or linear applications to reduce its coefficient of friction, and runs well against stainless and aluminum.

The UC400 bearing-grade polyester/MOS2 composite is similar in construction to UC200, with moly lubricant for slow rotary, salt water and dry oscillatory applications.

Finally, the UC500 bearing-grade blended fibre/graphite composite is an interwoven laminate using PTFE, polyester fibres and graphite lubricant.

It is suitable for full rotary applications where self-lubricated low friction and long wear is required.

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