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Ucamco’s Integr8tor solution has enabled Multicircuits to provide quicker responses and more accurate quotes to its customers.

Prior to implementing the Integr8tor solution, the Multicircuits sales team prepared cost calculations from customer data using a Gerber viewer.

Although effective, it was likely that some manufacturing concerns were not being detected.

Consequently, complex jobs were analysed by the computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) department, which was not an effective use of time.

Integr8tor, which was installed in May 2009, automatically imports CAM data, analyses it and provides a detailed output of key production and cost parameters.

Its intelligence is able to interpret the stack-up of layers, including identifying blind and buried via drill layers.

In the few cases where the software is unable to complete the analysis, tools are available to help guide Integr8tor.

For example, if the drill file does not contain tool size information, the sales team can enter it without the need to send it to CAM by simply viewing the drill drawing, whether in Gerber or PDF, from within Integr8tor.

There is no need to leave the application or to print hardcopy documents.

While the reported parameters are currently entered manually into the quoting software, Integr8tor provides these parameters in an XML format that can be imported into the quoting and planning software.

This automation is in the process of being implemented.

Integr8tor also highlights parameters that fall outside prescribed limits, such as a trace width that is too small for the specified copper thickness.

It also indicates if information is missing, such as if there is no drill data provided or if solder mask layers are missing.

The standard PDF report generated by Integr8tor can be used to provide feedback to customers.

As a bonus, the report includes a composite front and back view of the design, which gives customers a ‘preview’ of their finished boards.

Integr8tor also improves efficiency in the CAM department.

CAM engineers are no longer required to manually load customer data, nor do they have to adjust the layer stack-up or the layer naming.

These steps are performed automatically by the Integr8tor software.

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