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Ucamco has released UCAM Version 9.2, which is claimed to make its Visual Hyperscript printed circuit board (PCB) computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) automation tool more powerful and easier to use.

Custom automation reduces the time per job and increases security, but until now it has needed many hours of work by specialist programmers.

With Visual Hyperscript, all experienced CAM engineers can generate automation programs without specialist training and without disrupting production.

With UCAM V9.2, new commands extend Visual Hyperscripting to automate data preparation for electrical testing.

New functionality based on the feedback from users makes it easier to start scripting and to share scripts across a company.

Ucamco has posted a short training video on its website that shows how Visual Hyperscripts cut CAM time and how to start using it.

Karel Tavernier, Ucamco managing director, said: ‘Visual Hyperscripting can cut CAM time up by to 95 per cent for some operations and we want our users to be able to exploit its power as quickly as possible.

‘We recognise that, in today’s time-pressured business environment, training and support are an essential part of any new software package, so we have backed the release of Visual Hyperscripting with a clear training video,’ added Tavernier.

Visual Hyperscript is now an integral part of UCAM.

It is delivered free of charge to all UCAM users with a maintenance contract and to all purchasers of UCAM V9.

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