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Ucamco has introduced V4.2.1 of the Integr8tor automatic data input and analysis software, which analyses and presents a larger set of critical costing and planning parameters.

This version cuts the time needed to prepare quotations by 50 per cent and front-end engineering time by up to 30 per cent.

More critical cost-drivers are now reported both on screen and in printed reports, for example the smallest SMD pad or pitch, to decide which tester should be used.

The new version of Integr8tor will input customer panels and analyse them.

PCB parameters that are outside capability are now automatically highlighted in red.

Costing and planning engineers can see immediately where there may be problems in production.

Fast feedback provides an important extra service to customers and prevents possible delays to delivery.

Process and logistical information not included in CAD files (such as solder-mask colour or delivery date) can now be processed by Integr8tor using new menus.

These are fully customisable to suit each user’s requirements and terminology, making Integr8tor V4.2.1 suitable for use by less skilled operators.

Integr8tor has been developed as a standalone costing and planning solution that can be used in any CAM environment.

The new version includes additional features to integrate more closely into a Frontline Genesis CAM environment.

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