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TTI has announced Tyco Electronics’ Z-Pack Slim UHD (Ultra High Density) connector series for telecommunication, router, server or switch applications.

Devices are available in a standard version for data transfer rates of up to 3.5Gbps and a high-speed version that can master up to 20Gbps and above.

With a highly flexible design concept, the pin assignments of the components can be adjusted to future demands.

The connector interface is designed to support demand for higher signal density in small-system slot pitches.

The Z-Pack Slim UHD connector system is upgradeable and fits in 15mm-system slot-pitch applications and above.

The connector features a high contact density (55 pins/cm2) and high signal performance.

The board designer can implement pin assignments in such a way that they fulfil the application signal requirements for today or for at a later point in time during the application’s project life.

A 2.0 differential pair-per-column assignment, for example, results in 24 differential pairs per connector module.

If signal speeds of over 20Gbps are specified, a 1.5 differential pair-per-column assignment can be selected.

Two different performance versions of the receptacle connector can make an application upgradeable by exchanging daughter cards.

The Common Speed (CS) version can be used for signal speeds up to about 3.5Gbps, while the High Speed (HS) version is capable of operating at over 20Gbps.

Both receptacle versions have identical envelope dimensions and mate with a uniform header connector.

In that way, customers do not have to buy an expensive high-speed connector if the application does not initially require high-speed signalling during an early phase development.

Later, when signal speeds need to increase, daughter cards can be exchanged with ones equipped with high-speed connectors, but the backplane does not require any changes.

The low profile and high density allows designers to reduce the board spacing between adjacent daughter cards in a rack, making room for more cards or reducing the size of the application.

Z-Pack Slim UHD connectors can also assist in thermal management within the system by creating less obstruction to cooling airflow.

The overmoulded signal contacts on the receptacle, in combination with the plastic ribs embedded in the header design, result in a reliable and highly protected interconnect solution.

The product range consists of a right-angle receptacle, vertical header and guiding modules.

The series has been completed with a right-angle header (coplanar) and power modules.

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