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UK Precision has devised a tool that allows a leading supplier of synthetic body parts, Limbs and Things, to produce an authentic artificial arm that can be used by trainee doctors and nurses.

Limbs and Things supplies medical training products, which include medical task trainers, medical simulation models and demonstration materials for healthcare professionals.

Products incorporate synthetic soft tissue models as well as multimedia medical training systems.

Andy Bastow, operations director, explained how UK Precision helped the Bristol company solve a challenging problem.

‘Limbs and Things designed the arm for advanced venepuncture training and had previously been using a combination of tools made from materials such as silicon, resin and plastic,’ he said.

‘The tools were produced by hand and a great deal of down time was spent repairing the tools.

‘Every repair produced a slight variation in the final product, which meant that there was a lack of consistency in what was being produced.

‘UK Precision retro engineered a mould design from the Limbs and Things arm skin 3D CAD data and came up with an aluminium tool solution that enabled a consistent mould performance and produced significant savings in the down time on tool repair,’ he added.

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