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Ulrick and Short has launched a range of clean-label phosphate replacers, stabilisers and thickeners designed specifically for the seafood industry.

The products — an extension of the company’s Synergie and Ezimoist ingredient ranges — are suitable for applications such as seafood processing and fish ready meals.

The Ezimoist phosphate replacers, which were originally developed for meat processing, are claimed to improve the overall texture and succulence of fish, including prawns and scampi.

The company’s Synergie range of ingredients is designed to be a direct replacement for modified starches but with added functionality to achieve good mouth feel, texture and stability without any splitting.

Key benefits

  • Free from chemicals, artificial components and genetic modification, both Ezimoist and Synergie have been derived from crops such as maize and tapioca and come with clean-label declarations such as cornflour
  • Ezimoist phosphate replacers enhance yields while increasing shelf life and retaining product moisture over multiple cooking cycles
  • Synergie ingredients remain stable in both instant and cook-up versions of pre-prepared and ready meals

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